Each person responsible for developing, directing and supervising the daily activity programs for children (director) and each employee must complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of training every two years. Fifteen (15) hours of such training must be received during the first six months of the program's first year of licensure or during the person's first six months of employment by the program. This initial fifteen (15) hours applies toward the total thirty (30) hour minimum requirement for each license period. Such training requirements shall also apply to any volunteer in such day care program who has the potential for regular and substantial contact with children. Training must address the following topics:

1) principles of childhood development, including the appropriate supervision of children, meeting the needs of children enrolled in the program with physical or emotional challenges and behavior management and discipline.

2) nutrition and health needs of children;

3) child day care program development;

4) safety and security procedures; including communication between parents and staff;

5) business record maintenance and management;

6) child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention

7) statues and regulations pertaining to child day care; and

8) statues and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment

in addition to CPR and First Aid.

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